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Curriculum Vitae

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1. General  Information:                                                 

Name: Ramses Fernandez Melo.                        
Citizenship: Spain.
Age: 39 years old
Profession: Consultant Neurosurgeon.
Phone: (1868) 722-8992                                   

2.  Education and Training:

1. Doctor in Medicine  (July 21,1997).
2. Specialist Neurosurgeon  1er Degree (December 17, 2002).
3. Specialist Neurosurgeon 2dn Degree (March 29, 2005)
4. Intensive Care Medicine Diploma (June 30, 2006).
5. Lecturer in Neurosurgery (March 3, 2007)
6. Stereotactic Radiosurgery Master (November 3, 2011)

• Intensive Care Medicine in Adults. “Calixto García” Hospital. 2005-2006
• Image- Guided Surgery. Havana, CIREN. 1998-2008.
• Functional and Movement Disorders Surgery. Havana, CIREN. 1998-2008.
• Skull Base Surgery , CIMEQ, CIREN 1998-2008
• Advance technique in Radiotherapy (Radiosurgery). European Master, Madrid, Spain, November 2010 - November 2011.

3.  Positions and Employment

     June 2012 to present
Department of Neurosurgery. North Central Regional Health Authority, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

     December 2011 to May 2012
      Neurosurgeon, Neuroinstitute “Oliver-Ayats”, Teknon Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
      On call service at “Mutua Terrassa” Hospital, Terrassa, Barcelona and Sabadell
      Hospital, Parc Pauli Medical Corporation, Sabadell, Barcelona.        
      November 2010 - November 2012
      Neurosurgery department, Stereotactic radiosurgery section, “San Francisco de
      Asis” Sanatorium, Madrid Institute of Oncology (, Madrid,
           October 2009 – July 2010
Department of Neurosurgery. North Central Regional Health Authority, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

       February 2009 - October 2009 
Consultant Neurosurgeon. Department of Neurosurgery. Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Havana, Cuba.

       December 2002 - December 2008
Consultant Neurosurgeon. Department of Neurosurgery, International Center of Neurological Restoration, Havana, Cuba.

       November 1998 - December 2002
Residency in Neurosurgery. Department of Neurosurgery, International Center of Neurological Restoration, Havana, Cuba.

       October 1997 - October 1998
       General Practitioner. “Manuel Fajardo” Health Center, Havana, Cuba

      4.   Publications

1. A Clinico-radiological study and Surgical Results in 562 Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery.  Armando Felipe Moran, Luis F. De Jongh Díaz, Maite Solomon Cardona, Ramsés Fernández Melo. Rev Cubana Med Milit 1998; 27(2): 79-84.
2. Primary Supratentorial Intraventricular Tumors. Bárbara Estupiñán Díaz, Gerardo López Flores, Teresa Cuesta Mejías, Sirced Salazar Rodríguez, Iván García Maeso, Ramsés Fernández Melo. 2000.
3. Giant Meningioma of Ventricular Trigone with Extension to the Third Ventricle. Case report and Literature Review.  Ramsés Fernández Melo, Gerardo López Flores, Arnoldo Padrón Sánchez, Bárbara Estupiñán Díaz, Wilberto Bouza Molina, Iván García Maeso. Rev Mex Neuroci 2001; 2(5): 269-272. 
4. Stereotactic Biopsy Technical Issues. A Review. Gerardo López Flores, Eritk Guerra Figueredo, Ramsés Fernández Melo, Wilberto Bouza,  Bárbara Estupiñan,  José Jordán. Rev Mex Neuroci 2001; 2(1): 14-23
5. Epileptic Surgery in Structural Lesions.  Wilberto Bouza,  Gerardo López,   Suez Oramas Virgo,  Luis Zarrabeitia  Oviedo,   Ramsés Fernández,  Orlando Cruz,  Iván García. Rev Mex Neuroci 2001; 2 (3):139-146.
6. Anterior Surgery for Cervical Spondylosis.   Wilberto Bouza,  Rafael Téllez,  Orlando Cruz,   Gerardo López,  Ramsés Fernández,  Iván García Maeso.. Rev Neurol 2001;33 (7): 529-532.
7. Primary Neurological Manifestations of a Choriocarcinoma with Metastasis in the CNS. Bárbara    Estupiñán, Carlos Alfonso, Ramsés Fernández, Gerardo López, Iván García, Arnaldo Padrón. Sitio Web:, 2001
8. Stereotactic Localization using images of cerebral angiography for microsurgical treatment of cerebrovascular malformations. Eritk Guerra Figueredo, Gerardo López Flores,  Juan Teijeiro Amador, Ramsés Fernández Melo, Wilberto Bouza,  José Jordán, Orlando Cruz. Rev Mex Neuroci 2001; 2 (4): 210-214.
9. Cranio-encephalic Penetrating Trauma with harpoon. Case Report and Literature Review.  Ramsés Fernández Melo, Armando Felipe Moran,  Gerardo López Flores, Willberto Bouza Molina,  Iván García Maeso, Lic. Janett Benavides Barbosa. Neurocirugía 2002 13(5): 397-400.
10. Direct Approach of the Carotid-cavernous Fistula, a Dural Arteriovenous Malformation. Case Report and Literature Review..  Gerardo López Flores,  Ramsés Fernández Melo, Lic. Eritk Guerra Figueredo,  Javier Figueredo Mendez, Arnoldo Padrón Sánchez, Ing. Juan Teijeiro Amador,  Wilberto Bouza Molina,  Iván García Maeso, Ing. Juan Miguel Morales, Dr Jose Jordan, Dr Carlos Ugarte. Rev Neurol 2002; 34 (3): 204-207
11. Distal Sacular Aneurism Presenting as a Subdural Hematoma. I. García Maeso, W. Bouza Molina, J. Figueredo, A. Padrón Sánchez, A. Villegas Achón, B. Estupiñán Díaz, J. A. Barnes Domínguez, R. Fernández Melo, G. López Flores, O. Cruz García. Rev Neurol 2002; 35(5): 436-438.
12. Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations. Ramsés Fernández Melo,  Gerardo López Flores,  Bárbara Estupiñán Díaz,  Orlando Cruz García,  Wilberto Bouza Molina, Iván García Maeso, Janett Benavides Barbosa. Rev Mex Neuroci 2003; 4(1):39-46.
13. Diagnosis of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations. Ramsés Fernández Melo,  Gerardo López Flores,  Bárbara Estupiñán Díaz,  Orlando Cruz García, Armando Felipe Morán, Janett Benavides Barbosa. Rev Neurol 2003;37(9):870-878.
14. Treatment Modalities for Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations. Ramsés Fernández Melo, Gerardo López Flores, Orlando Cruz García,  Wilberto Bouza Molina,  Iván García Maeso,  Janett Benavides Barbosa. Rev Neurol 2003;37(10):967-975.
15. Controversies and Therapeutic Algorithm of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations. Ramsés Fernández Melo, Gerardo López Flores, Orlando Cruz García, José Jordán Gonzales. Rev Mex Neuroci 2003; 4(5):332-338.
16. Anatomic and Neurophysiological Methods for the Targeting and Lesioning of the Subthalamic Nucleus.  Cuban experience and Review. Gerardo López-Flores, M.D.; Juan Miguel-Morales, Ms.C.; Juan Teijeiro-Amador, Ph.D.; Jerold Vitek, M.D., Ph.D.; Sahily Perez-Parra, M.D.; Ramsés Fernández-Melo, M.D.; Carlos Maragoto, M.D.; Eduardo Alvarez, M.D.; Lazaro Alvarez, M.D.; Raúl Macías, M.D.; Jose Angel Obeso, M.D. Neurosurgery 2003; 52: 817-831.
17. Osteochondroma of the Atlanto-occipital Joint. Extreme Lateral Transcondilar Approach. A Case Report. Gerardo López Flores, Orlando Cruz García, Ramsés Fernández Melo, Mauricio Fernadez Alban , Carlos Alfonzo Sabatier, Willberto Bouza Molina, Eduardo Fermín Hernández,  Jorge Emilio Castillo Sánchez. Rev Neurol 2003; 36(2): 133-136.
18. Selective Subthalamotomy in Parkinson’s Disease. Implementation and Validation of the mechanism of lesion. Dr. Gerardo López Flores,  Dr. Ramsés Fernández, Dr. Lázaro L Álvarez , Dr. Raúl Macías, DrC. Juan Teijeiro Amador , MSc. Juan Miguel Morales ,  Dr.Carlos Maragoto , Dr.Eduardo Alvarez  ,  Wilberto Bouza , Dr. Orlando Cruz, DrC. Eduardo Fermin, Dr Jose Jordán, Dr. Rolando Palmero ,   DrC, Jerrold Vitek. Rev Mex Neuroci 2003; 4(4):213-226.
19. Bilateral Localization and Symmetry of the Subthalamic Nucleus. Gerardo López Flores, Juan Miguel Morales, Juan Teijeiro Amador,  Ramsés Fernández, Lázaro L Álvarez,  Raúl Macías, Orlando Cruz, Eduardo Fermín,  Rolando Palmero, Rafael Rodríguez, Maylen Carballo-Barreda, Gretel Mosquera Betancourt. Rev Neurol 2003; 37(5): 404-12.
20. Tumor of the Craneospinal Region as Form of Presentation for Coccidiodomycosis. Hernández E, Capó V, Zamora F, Fernández R, Cruz O, Estupiñan B, Benavides J. Rev Mex Neuroci 2003; 43(3): 177-181.
21. Combined Approaches of the Cranial Base in Neoplastic and Vascular lesions. López Flores G, Cruz García O, Fernández Melo R, Castillo Hernández JE, Alvarez Rodriguez A, Bouza  W, Jordán J, Fermín E, Puig Fernandez MJ, Aquino Avila AL.  Rev Mex Neuroci 2003; 4(6): 402-411.
22. Comprehensive Nursing Care in Patients with Epileptic Surgery. Janett Benavides Barbosa, Liuba Rodríguez Quesada, Ariagna Díaz González, Bárbara Concepción González, Antonio Villa Juárez, Ramsés Fernández Melo. Medwave 2004; 4(1), Publicación electrónica. 
23. Scale for the Management of Cranio-encephalic Trauma. Armando Felipe Morán, Nelson Quintanal Cordero, Ramsés Fernández Melo, Alejandro Tápanes Domínguez. Revista CENIC 2004; 35(2):119-120.
24. Stereotactic Subthalamotomy. A Technical Note. Dr. Gerardo López Flores, Dr. Ramsés Fernández, Dr. Raúl Macías , Dr. Lázaro L Álvarez , DrC. Juan Teijeiro Amador , Dr. Eduardo Álvarez, Dr. Carlos Maragoto  ,  Dr. Orlando Cruz , DrC. Eduardo Fermin, Dr. Jose Jordán ,  Dr. Rolando Palmero, Lic Rafael Rodríguez , Lic. Maylen Carballo-Barreda.  Revista CENIC 2004; 35(2): 92- 104.
25. Surgical Treatment of Luxo-fractures of the Inferior Cervical Spine.  Orlando Cruz, Carlos Acosta, Gerardo López Flores, Ramsés Fernández Melo,  Andrés Vásquez,  José H Sala. Rev Mex Neuroci 2004; 5(2): 104-111.
26. Giant Aneurism of Posterior Fossa Presenting as a Tumor. A case report. Dr. Ramsés Fernández Melo, Dr. Gerardo López Flores,  Dr. Orlando Cruz García, Dr. Armando Felipe Morán, Miguel Puig Fernández, Janett Benavides Barbosa (1). Rev Mex Neuroci 2004; 5(2): 168-173.
27. Anterior Cervical Osteosynthesis in Luxo-fractures of the Lower Cervical Spine. Cruz García O, López Flores G, Acosta Rivas C,  Fernández Melo R,  Vazquez Cruz A, Salas Rubio H, Castillo Sanchez JE. Rev Mex Neuroci 2004; 5(5): 495-505.
28. Paraganglioma of the Cauda Equina: A Case Report. I. García-Maeso, J. Figueredo-Méndez, R. Alessandrini-González, B. Estupiñán-Díaz, A. Villegas-Anchón, J. Piedra-García, R. Fernández-Melo, M. Puig-Fernández. Rev Neurol 2004; 39 (12): 1197-1198
29. Image-guided Microsurgical Resection of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations – Cuban Experience and Review. Fernandez R., López G, Cruz O, Jordán J,Fermín E, Estupiñán B,Benavides J. Rev. Chil. Neurocirug. 2004: 23, 17-24.
30. Loco-regional Radioimmunotherapy of High Grade Malignant Gliomas Using the Humanized Monoclonal Antibody, h-R3, Labeled with 188-Re. A. Casaco, G. López, R. Fernandez, L. Diaz, A. Perera, J. Batista, R. Leyva, Y. Peña, J. A. Rodriguez, I. Garcia. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2004 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings (Post-Meeting Edition). Vol 22, No 14S (July 15 Supplement), 2004: 2530
31. Facial Conservation in Vestibular Schawnnomas Surgery. Cruz García O, López Flores G, Fernández Melo R Diaz Delgado D, Perez Morales I, Castillo Hernandez J, Jordán J, Sasbatier CF. Rev Mex Neuroci 2005; 6(5): 364-371.
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33. Trigeminal Neuralgia due to Vertebrobasilar Dolichoectasia. Cruz-Garcia O, Lopez-Flores G, Fernandez-Melo R, Perez-Morales I, Diaz D. Rev Mex Neuroci 2006; 7(2): 179-180.
34. Subthalamic Nucleus Localization and Somatotopy of the Sensorymotor Area in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Gerardo López Flores, Fernando Seijo Fernández, Ramsés Fernández Melo, Raúl Macias González, Lázaro Álvarez González, Juan tejeiro Amador, Orlando Cruz García, Fernando González González, Beatriz Lozano Aragoneses, Carlos Salvador Aguiar, Luís Menéndez Guisasola. Revista Española de Trastornos del Movimiento 2006; 1:19-30
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37. Therapeutic Efficacy of Unilateral Subthalamotomy in Parkinson’s Disease: Results in 89 Patients Followed for up to 36 Months. L Alvarez, R Macias, N Pavón, G López, M C Rodríguez-Oroz, R Rodríguez, MJ Alvarez, I Pedroso, J Teijeiro, R Fernández, E Casabona, S Salazar, C Maragoto, M Carballo, I García, J Guridi, J L Juncos, M R DeLong and J A. Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2009;80:979–985.
38. Physiophatology and ethiopathogeny of brain arteriovenous malformation. Gerardo López-Flores, Ramsés Fernández-Melo, Orlando Cruz-García. Arch Neurocien (Mex)15(4): 252-259; 2010.

5. Research Activity

• Bilateral posteroventral Pallidotomy in children with generalized dystonias. Principal Investigator.
• Radioimmunotherapy in patients with brain tumors of epithelial origen using Radioimmune conjugate Ac MH-R3-188. Phase II. Principal Investigador.
• Posteroventral Pallidotomy in adults with generalized dystonias. Co- Investigator.
• Locoregional Immunotherapy in patients with glyoblastoma multiforme using monoclonal antibodies h-R3, multicentric study. Clinical Trial Phase II. Principal Investigator.
• Corticosteroid Randomisation After Significant Head Injury Trial (CRASH). Co- Investigator. (

6. Postgraduate received courses:

1. V Congress of Neurosurgery. Pre-congress Course “Neurotrauma”. 1997.
2. Course – International Workshop “Sepsis and Antibiotic therapy”. CIMEQ. 1997.
3. III Annual Meeting of Vascular Neurosurgery. 1998.
4. Course: Descriptive and Functional Neuroanatomy,  CIREN, 1998.
5. Neurointensiva International Simposium 99. Courses “Neuromonitorization” and “Neurosurgical Complications”.1999.
6. VI Cuban Congress of Neurosurgery and 1st Virtual Congress. Pre-congress Course “Spinal Instrumentation”. 1999.
7. Actualization Course: “Cranioencephalic traumatisms”. 1999. Hosp. Naval “Luís Díaz Soto”.
8. XIII Congress of the International society for laser in surgery and medicine and IX Congress of the Latin American society for laser in surgery and medicine. Pre-congress course “Laser in Neurosurgery”. 1999.
9. Academic Course, CIREN, Havana, Cuba, Title: Windows and its applications, CIREN, 2000.
10. III International Congress of cerebrovascular diseases Pre-congress Course “Neuromonitoring”. 2000. 
11. III International Symposium on coma and death. Pre-symposium Course “Neuromonitoring of the neurocritical patient”. 2000.
12. National Congress of clinical neurosciences and II international congress of Neuro Intensive Care. Pre-congress Course “Complications of the neurosurgical patient”. 2001.
13. International theoretical and practical Course on spinal Instrumentation. 2002. CIREN.
14. Course Actualization on vascular surgery. 2002. Hosp. Naval “Luís Díaz Soto”.
15. Theoretical and practical Courses on Stereotactica Neurosurgery Training with the use of the ESTEREOFLEX System. 1998-2002.
16. IV Provincial Conference of anatomical pathology. 2002.
17. Practical Course of vascular neurosurgery.  2003. Hospital CIMEQ.  
18. International Course “Crash trial cuban collaborator’s meeting”.  2003. Villa clara, Cuba.
19. IV Workshop on spinal surgery 2003. “Cira Garcia” Hospital.
20. Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson´s disease: An update. Internet.2004
21. Temporal Lobe epilepsy: The current state of knowledge.  Internet.2004
22. Managing Neurophatic Pain: New Approaches for today´s clinical practice. Internet.2004.
23. V Workshop on spinal surgery 2004. “Cira Garcia” Hospital.
24. VII Symposium on vascular Neurosurgery.  FLANC, 2006. Havana, Cuba
25. IX Workshop on spinal surgery 2008 “Cira Garcia” Hospital.
26. Course – International Workshop Radiosurgery, Madrid, Spain, 2011
27. Course – International Workshop Tomotherapy, Madrid, Spain, 2011
28. Course – International Workshop CyberKnife, Madrid, Spain, 2011
29. Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Workshop. NCRHA, EWMSC, March 2013


7. Impart Courses:

1. Intensive care nursing course1999-2000. CIREN.
2. Actualization on vascular surgery. Hosp. Naval, 2002.
3. 9th Theoretical and practical Course on Stereotactica Neurosurgery Training with the use of the ESTEREOFLEX System.2003.
4. 10th Theoretical and practical Course on Stereotactica Neurosurgery Training with the use of the ESTEREOFLEX System.” 2003.
5. Post-congress Course “Neurosurgical Complications”. 2003.
6. International Workshop on stereotaxia and radiosurgery. 2006
7. Pre-congress Course “Neuroendoscopy”. 2006
8. Pre-congress Course “Antibiotic therapy in neurosurgery”. 2006
9. Master, Cerebrovascular Disease. 2009

8. Professional Memberships:

1. Cuban society of neurosurgery
2. Latin American Association of Neurosurgery

9. Awards

• Gold Award (Doctor in Medicine) for excellent performance during medical studies 1997.
• Best medical graduate for best academic performance, Faculty of Medical Sciences “Fínlay – Albarran”-1997.
• Best Graduate for exceptional academic achievement, Medical Sciences Institute (ISCMH)-1997.
• Distinguish Service Award. FAR, 1997.
• Annual National Health award for Best scientific paper, 2004.
• Annual National Health award for Best scientific paper, 2005.
• Web of Science Award for being one of the 24 more productive Cuban neurocientists, 2001-2005
• ScopusNeuro Award for being the most productive neuroscientist, 2001-2005.

10. Foreign Language Skills              
             LANGUAGE        SPEAKS    WRITE     READ
              English               GOOD       GOOD     GOOD


March 28th, 2013